Who We Are

Bignamu is a non-profit organization with the purpose of contributing to society with local neighbors. We collect donations of fine reusable household items that otherwise would be wasted away enormously each year from homes and businesses. And then we redistribute them to our loving neighbors at low prices with a pleasant shopping experience.

We Can Achieve

By Participating in Our “Loving One and Another Project” through Our Thrift Shops, We Can Achieve

Save Money

You can score awesome secondhand items with unbeatable prices at our Thrift Shops. When you donate your items and fill out a paper donation form, we will issue a receipt for tax deduction.

Share with Neighborhood

Because we are a non-profit organization with charitable purposes, we provide affordable and fun shopping experiences to our neighbors with donated items.

Save the Earth

Thrifting is a powerful tool on the environment by reducing pollution and waste.The average American throws away 81 pounds of clothes PER YEAR. That adds up to around 26 BILLION pounds of clothing going right to landfills.Thrifting is recycling and saving our one and only earth.

Develop Local Economy

We will create jobs for the local community so that many neighbors are able to work in a fun and warm environment.We strive and prioritize hiring women, single parents, cancer family\ies,immigrants, and neighbors with disabilities.

Complete Your Life Style

Not only do we struggle to provide affordable second hand products, but we also will introduce fashionable and fine items to complete your life styles.

Our Events

At our events you will meet other people who are willing to share their knowledge, insights, thoughts and doubts

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Building a Better Future