Who We Are

Goodworks International

Non-profit organization registered with the State of New Jersey
(Federal Tax ID: 84-3707427).

GoodWorks International (d/b/a BIGNAMU) is a non-profit organization with the purpose of contributing to society with local neighbors. We collect donations of fine reusable household items that otherwise would be wasted away enormously each year from homes and businesses. And then we redistribute them to our loving neighbors at low prices with a pleasant shopping experience.

Furthermore, our project will eventually protect the environment and save the earth with our neighbors together.

Our Vision

We Transparently Make Love and Good Works Shareable with Our Neighbors Through Local Thrift Shops

Life’s Most Persistent and Urgent Question is,

“What Are You Doing for Others?”
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Our Mission

GoodWorks collects high-quality second-hand goods and items by forming partnerships with local donators in an effective way.

Afterwards, it is sold to local thrift shops who want to purchase high-quality second-hand goods at low prices with exceptional customer service.

Also, GoodWorks will share our resources with local police departments, fire departments, schools and other non-profit organizations.


Unparalleled Prices

GoodWorks enables local neighbors the ability to purchase second-hand goods at unparalleled prices and services.

High-quality used goods

In order to successfully receive high-quality used goods, we implement effective marketing and manage local drop off bins, and local pick up services.

Convenient Shopping

Donated items are displayed in a clean and comfortable space, providing a convenient shopping experience for everyone.

Our Goals

1 / 5 Create a clean and enjoyable space for local neighbors to shop for good items at affordable prices.
2 / 5 Share the joy of sharing with local donators, contributors and volunteers who are interested in the environment and local community development
3 / 5 Creates local jobs and provides financial help to cooperative organizations (such as local police departments, fire departments, schools and other non-profit organizations) or individuals in need with the generated income.
4 / 5 Participate in social activities such as environmental protection campaigns and poverty alleviation through continued cooperation with the local government and other non-profit organizations
5 / 5 Because we are operated by donated items, we will also donate food and living items for people in need.

Why We Started
Goodworks International, Inc.

The founders deplored the reality that environmental problems are on the rise due to uncontrolled disposal of garbage. And they recognized that operating a thrift shop business can achieve feasible outcomes to solve this issue.

Thus, they established our non-profit organization to protect the planet by collecting reusable items that are thrown away each year and redistributing them to neighbors in need, while also creating a fun shopping experience for neighbors at affordable prices.

Because our business is operated by help from donators, contributors and volunteers, we have a huge responsibility to return the help to people in need. Good Works International. Inc. promises you that we will help local governments, organizations and individuals.